18 Year Old Girl Plows into Ex Cop!

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The tragic accident on US 60 in Mesa, Arizona, has left a once-happy family shattered and in mourning. Eighteen-year-old Rachel Berg faces reckless manslaughter charges after allegedly causing a crash that claimed the life of park ranger Michael Clark, 46.

According to local authorities, Berg was driving her 2024 Chevrolet Corvette at speeds exceeding 155 mph when she rear-ended Clark’s Harley Davidson motorcycle on March 12th. Data retrieved from the Corvette’s airbag control module revealed the shocking speed.

Unfortunately, Berg couldn’t slow down enough to avoid the collision, even after slamming on the brakes. As a result, the impact threw Clark from his motorcycle into a concrete wall, leading to fatal injuries. Despite Berg’s attempts at CPR, Clark, a former police officer, was confirmed dead at the scene.

The tragic loss deeply affected Clark’s wife, Laura. In a tearful interview with AZ Family, she described Michael as a devoted husband, father, and public servant. He served his country and community for 14 years as a police officer in Tacoma, Washington, before embarking on a new adventure with Laura. They purchased an RV and traveled across the country before settling in Mesa, where Michael took a position as a park ranger.

Laura said that Michael thrived on helping others and had a warm, welcoming personality that made their home a haven for friends and family. She further expressed that her late husband had a welcoming nature and enjoyed cooking for others. She noted his love for fatherhood and highlighted his role as a devoted husband.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss, Laura emphasized the devastating consequences of speeding. She said that young people often perceive themselves as invincible and fail to thoroughly consider their decisions, resulting in devastating outcomes that tear families apart.

Michael’s absence leaves a void not only in Laura’s life but also in their children’s lives. The grieving widow expressed her sorrow, lamenting that her late husband left behind children who no longer have a father. She stressed the real devastation they are experiencing and talked about the uncertainty surrounding how they will recover from the loss.

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