Aaron Rodgers Praises Putin During Tucker Carlson Interview

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) National Football League quarterback Aaron Rodgers is under fire for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with political commentator Tucker Carlson. The two men discussed Carlson’s trip to Russia earlier this year to talk with Putin, which Rodgers called an “awesome” interview.

Putin came across as an interesting and intelligent leader in his interview with Carlson, Rodgers said. Governments attempt to slander their enemies regardless of the truth about them, Rodgers said, referencing the totalitarian control tactics included in author George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984.”

During the lengthy interview, Putin discussed Eastern European history, the origins of the conflict in Ukraine, and the state of US-Russia relations. Rodgers said that he would like to see US President Joe Biden sit down for an interview and speak about American history in the same way.

Rodgers received criticism for his statements, which were characterized as pro-Putin. Rodgers was also accused of pushing “far-right” rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Rodgers was compared to other celebrities who have been portrayed as Putin apologists, including filmmaker Oliver Stone, rockstar Roger Waters, and rapper Meek Mill.

However, other figures came to Rodgers’ defense. Independent US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr said that he is grateful for Rodgers’ courage, integrity and critical thinking. Both Rodgers and Kennedy have come under fire for their skepticism of certain public health measures.

Regardless of whether people agree or disagree with Rodgers’ views, the interview with Carlson has undoubtedly given them significant public exposure. The interview, released on May 14, has garnered approximately 7.5 million views on social media platform X as of this writing.

Rodgers has already achieved an accomplished football career, having earned the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award four times and won a Super Bowl championship. Rodgers’ foray into the political realm may have received some backlash, but nevertheless raises the question of whether he could ultimately move on to a successful career as a commentator.

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