Activists Troll Former Harvard President Following Her Resignation

( – Ousted Harvard University President Claudine Gay is under fire from a group of activists who are trolling the academic even after her resignation as the institution’s president. Activists with the group Accuracy in Media put digital billboards and moving trucks near Gay’s official campus residence in an effort to rub salt on the wound of her departure.

Gay stepped down as Harvard President on January 2, following numerous accusations of plagiarism. Gay also faced criticism for her defense of campus free speech in the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, during which universities have reported an increase in anti-Semitism.

“It’s moving day, Claudine Gay!” one digital billboard outside her campus home said. Another digital billboard noted that the stunt was sponsored by “tens of thousands” of activists who sought Gay’s resignation.

Despite resigning as Harvard’s president, Gay will remain at the university as a member of the faculty. Gay will reportedly continue to earn nearly $900,000 a year working at Harvard. Gay’s work as a faculty member will resume even though her departure was rooted in allegations of academic misconduct, specifically plagiarism.

Gay faces dozens of allegations of plagiarism in her publications and dissertation, including seemingly copying nearly entire passages from other scholars without proper attribution. Harvard’s plagiarism policy states that students are expected to take great care to distinguish their own work from outside sources, and that failure to properly cite sources will result in disciplinary action.

A Harvard panel said on December 20 that an investigation into initial plagiarism allegations found no evidence of intentional deception. However, the university found instances of “inadequate citations” by Gay that are “regrettable” but do not constitute misconduct.

Gay’s sixth months of service as Harvard’s president marks the shortest leadership term in the university’s history. Gay was also Harvard’s first black president.

Although Gay is no longer Harvard President, the allegations of academic misconduct may continue to impact her as she moves back into a faculty position.

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