Actress Amber Rose Shows Support, Publicly Endorses Trump

( Amber Rose wears many hats, including actress, model, and rapper. However, Rose may soon add a literal red MAGA hat to the list, after publicly declaring her support for Donald Trump.

On May 20, Rose shared a photo of herself standing alongside Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, on Instagram. Rose captioned the photo “Trump 2024,” making clear her support for Trump’s bid to return to the White House.

Rose’s followers expressed divided opinions on her endorsement of Trump in the comments section of the post. Some users supported her decision, while others criticized the move, noting her involvement in feminist movements.

One user claimed that the endorsement is “contradictory” to the causes Rose claims to support. Others were outraged enough to publicly declare their intent to unfollow the celebrity over her support of Trump.

Rose is not the only celebrity to come out in support of Trump’s 2024 campaign. Musicians Kid Rock and Jason Aldean have both backed Trump, as well as actor Jon Voigt.

There are also a number of celebrities who have declined to support Biden, even if they have not declared their support for Trump either. Rapper Cardi B said that she would not vote for Biden due to his administration’s backing of the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel. Rapper Macklemore also indicated that he will not vote for Biden for anti-war reasons.

However, Biden and Trump are not the only prominent candidates in the 2024 race, and as such, not the only candidates to receive celebrity endorsements. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has received the support of celebrities including actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Russell Brand, and football star Aaron Rodgers.

Kennedy is no stranger to celebrity ties, considering he is married to actress Cheryl Hines. Kennedy also comes from a high-profile political family that has long been in the public eye.

Although some people complain about celebrities inserting themselves into the political world, it is inarguable that such endorsements have an influence on the general public. As Rose’s endorsement of Trump highlights, celebrities’ support of particular candidates can both lose and gain them fans.

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