Another Body Found Reigniting Fears of Serial Killer

Another Body Found Reigniting Fears of Serial Killer

( – Texas authorities made a gruesome discovery on February 5, discovering a body in Lady Bird Lake – another in a long line of other bodies already discovered in the lake in recent months.

Responding to a 911 call about a potential sighting of a body in the Austin lake, Austin-Travis County EMS officials pronounced the unidentified individual dead at 1:52 pm.

At least five other bodies have been discovered in the lake in just the last several months. Those responsible for leaving the bodies in the lake have yet to be identified, though the lake’s connection to the Colorado River – which flows through downtown Austin – could give authorities clues about the motivation behind the dumping of the bodies in that specific body of water.

In June of last year, authorities attempted to quell speculation that the bodies were left in the lake by a serial killer. Rumors about the possibility of a serial killer targeting victims in the Austin area came about after it was revealed that bodies in the lake shared similar characteristics. Specifically, most of the bodies were of men in their 30s who were known to spend time in the bars on Rainey Street, a popular drinking destination near the water.

The body of 30-year-old Jason John was discovered in Lady Bird Lake in February, only a week after he was seen on Rainey Street. An autopsy report dispelled rumors that he was the victim of a murder, however, with a local bystander having told authorities that the man was seen stumbling into the water.

The body of 40-year-old Clifton Axtell was also discovered on March 5, while the body of 33-year-old Jonathan Honey was discovered on April 1. Honey was seen a day earlier on Rainey Street purchasing food at a food truck.

Also in April, the body of 30-year-old John Christopher Hays-Clark was discovered near a dam, roughly two miles downstream from the location of the other bodies.

Austin P.D. have no answers yet, though reports suggest that police are searching for a woman in connection with a number of drugging and mugging incidents in the downtown region – it remains unclear, however, whether the search is connected to the discovery of the bodies.

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