Apocalyptic Scenes in Haiti, Mass Exodus to US Anticipated in Coming Weeks

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The political, economic, humanitarian, and security situations in Haiti have deteriorated following a takeover of the Caribbean country by armed gangs. The turmoil in Haiti could result in migrants from the country fleeing to the United States, according to American human rights attorney William O’Neill.

A coalition of gangs took over Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince in March 2024, after then-Prime Minister Ariel Henry left the country for a meeting in Kenya. On March 12, Henry agreed to step down and cede power to a transitional government, which has yet to restore order in Haiti.

The situation in Haiti is “apocalyptic,” O’Neill said, adding that the level of cruelty in the violence in the country is unprecedented. The conditions in Haiti are comparable to Somalia during its worst of times, according to O’Neill.

Haiti has reverted to “survival of the fittest” conditions, O’Neill said. Unfortunately for civilians, armed gangs are proving the fittest actors, outgunning security forces, O’Neill said.

The situation in Haiti could lead to a mass exodus of migrants to the US in the coming weeks or months, O’Neill also said. A United Nations report found that 53,000 people have left Port-au-Prince since March.

Moreover, the US State Department warned Americans in Haiti that the government will only assist in evacuating them until April 12. Americans must travel along gang-controlled roads to either the US embassy or the airport in Cap-Haitien to evacuate.

In addition to dangerous roads in Haiti, shipping around the country has also been impacted by gang violence. Haitian National Police forces engaged in a multi-hour gunbattle with gangs in an effort to recover a cargo ship carrying rice.

The security forces ultimately recovered control of the vessel, which the gangs hijacked as it left the port of Varreux for Cap-Haitien. Two police officers were wounded in the battle and an indeterminate number of gang members were killed.

Whether an influx of Haitian migrants to the US would bring such violence and instability with it remains to be seen.

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