Army Sergeant Accused of Beating 8-Month-Old Daughter to Death

( A US Army soldier in North Carolina faces criminal charges, including murder, for allegedly beating his 8-month-old daughter to death. Authorities accuse the 82nd Airborne Division soldier, Sergeant Gabriel Ceville, of killing the infant in a February 2023 incident.

Ceville faces one count each of involuntary manslaughter and unpremeditated murder for the alleged killing, as well as a general court martial from military service. Ceville faces prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice as an active member of the US military. Ceville attended a preliminary hearing in the case on May 22.

An autopsy report on Ceville’s infant daughter, Misty Lue Delatorre, concluded that her injuries were associated with abusive head trauma. However, Ceville claimed that he slapped his daughter on the back to clear her airway after she vomited and stopped breathing. Ultimately, the medical examiner concluded that Delatorre’s death was a homicide by blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Ceville and Delatorre’s mother were engaged in a custody battle in the weeks prior to the infant’s death. Prosecutors claim that Ceville texted Delatorre’s mother that his head hurt and that the infant was screaming before the deadly incident.

Despite the pending charges, Ceville walks freely on his own recognizance. Ceville has denied harming his daughter. Ceville also faces a domestic violence charge for an incident involving another family member.

Someone needs to be held accountable for Delatorre’s death, her grandmother, Misty Bray, said. Bray and Delatorre’s mother have been at the forefront of efforts to pursue justice in the case.

Bray attended the preliminary hearing in the case, noting that she was “devastated” by the details she learned. Bray said that she will not stop pursuing justice until Ceville, who she believes murdered Delatorre, is locked up.

Although the details of the case and whether Ceville is guilty remain unclear, the death of such a young life is nevertheless heartbreaking for those close to the deceased infant.

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