Ashley Biden’s Diary Fact Checked Spells Trouble For Joe Biden

( US President Joe Biden faces a number of criticisms and controversies headed into his 2024 re-election bid, but perhaps none more scandalous than claims of inappropriate behavior involving his daughter, Ashley Biden. Although Joe Biden’s supporters have been quick to dismiss accusations involving his children, even so-called fact checkers have conceded that Ashley Biden wrote about the troubling actions in a personal diary.

In October 2020, a copy of the diary went public, including a passage about how Joe Biden would shower with his daughter. Ashley Biden characterized the showers as “probably not appropriate” and recalled being sexualized at a young age.

Ashley Biden also said in the diary that she thinks she was molested as a child, but cannot remember. Ashley Biden tied her childhood experiences to her behaviors as an adult.

On April 8, 2024, Ashley Biden confirmed the authenticity of the diary in a letter to a judge. The letter prompted fact-checking website Snopes to change their rating of the story from unproven to true.

However, Ashley Biden also said that the diary has been “grossly misinterpreted” in an effort to defame her and her loved ones. Ashley Biden said that she wrote the diary in order to heal past trauma, adding that such healing has been undone by the diary’s publication.

The woman who found the diary at a house where Ashley Biden once lived—and had been permitted to keep personal items after moving out—received a one-month prison sentence for stealing and selling the journal. Prosecutors contended that the woman, Aimee Harris, attempted to exploit the diary for political gain.

Harris and another defendant in the case, Robert Kurlander, admitted to accepting $20,000 from investigative activist group Project Veritas in exchange for the diary. The duo initially offered the diary to the Trump campaign, but the campaign refused the offer.

Although Ashley Biden contends that the diary has been misinterpreted, its description of inappropriate behavior by her father may nevertheless impact his reelection bid.

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