Ben Carson Makes Case For Why Black Voters Are Turning to Trump

( Former Trump administration Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson went on television to explain why Donald Trump could receive increased support from the black community in the 2024 presidential election. Carson contended that black voters are no different from any other group, caring about issues like inflation and crime.

Black voters are feeling the impact of inflation and see crime “running rampant” in their neighborhoods, Carson said. Black voters also see the situation at the United States’ borders and how it is affecting their communities, Carson added.

The Biden administration is focusing on other issues while putting ones important to black voters on the backburner, Carson said. The issues being ignored are the ones pushing black voters toward Trump, according to Carson.

Trump has yet to select a running mate for the 2024 race, although Carson is a potential contender for the role. Carson said that he has not discussed the matter with Trump but is open to serving as his vice president.

Carson also said that he would be willing to debate current vice president Kamala Harris, or any other individual, on differences between the Biden and Trump administrations. Trump and Biden have already agreed to debate each other outside of the Commission on Presidential Debates system.

Such debates could help Trump solidify gains with black voters ahead of Election Day. Trump’s increasing support among black voters was described by one commentator as “truly historic” and a “troubling sign” for the Biden campaign.

Trump’s support among black voters has more than doubled since 2020, whereas Biden’s support has dropped by 12%, according to polling data. Trump could end up winning a larger proportion of black votes than any Republican presidential candidate since 1960.

Based on Carson’s analysis of what influences black voters, Biden could continue to lose the demographic’s support unless he takes meaningful action on the economy, crime, and immigration. However, Carson would apparently be open to having his analysis challenged by Harris, if all parties are willing.

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