Ben Shapiro Ventures Into New Territory With Debut Song

Ben Shapiro Ventures Into New Territory With Debut Song

( – Conservative media personality Ben Shapiro is known for his debate skills behind the mic, but following an appearance in one of Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald’s songs, his rap skills behind the mic are now making a splash in the music world. However, it appears as though the industry is not keen on letting Shapiro and MacDonald rise to the top of the charts.

The hit song, titled “Facts,” features a rapped verse by Shapiro, despite him having tweeted in 2012 that rap is not real music. Although Shapiro’s collaboration with MacDonald may have been his introduction to the rap world, the conservative commentator has decades of classical violin experience.

The song quickly rose to the top of the charts, but MacDonald alleges that the music industry is attempting to downplay the song’s success. MacDonald noted that YouTube placed the song at number two on its charts, despite the video having garnered more views and comments than the number one song in the same time frame.

Distribution company TuneCore also declined to release the song, citing its lyrical content, according to MacDonald. The music industry does not want people listening to “controversial music,” MacDonald said.

Regardless of efforts to suppress the song, the music video has received more than 8.2 million views on YouTube as of January 30. The song is also the top selling song on iTunes, prompting Shapiro to change his bio on social media platform X to “America’s #1 Rapper.”

The song even received praise from within the rap world itself. Rap star Nicki Minaj said that the song is “not bad” and compared it to one of her own tracks. Minaj complimented the song despite having feuded with Shapiro in June 2023, after Shapiro read some of Minaj’s lyrics on his show.

The music industry may not feel like promoting the song, but as Shapiro says, facts don’t care about their feelings, and the facts show that people are soaking up the conservative rap anthem.

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