Biden Announces Executive Action Border Crackdown

( President Joe Biden has finally decided to sign an executive order to deal with the deteriorating condition of the southern border that allowed almost eight million illegal immigrants into the United States during the first three and a half years of his presidency.

Republicans believe that Biden’s attempt to tackle the immigration crisis in the election year is nothing more than a political stunt to lure centrist and independent voters, most of whom view the broken immigration system as the biggest crisis impacting the United States.

According to House Speaker Mike Johnson, the Biden administration has adopted at least 64 measures to open the flow of illegal immigrants from the border since January 2021, and this is the first time that they are attempting to close the border.

Johnson further claimed that Biden is fighting with issues of his own making and that his far-left agenda of the open border will continue to burden Americans in years to come.

Biden’s executive order will still allow at least 2,500 illegal immigrants daily in the country as law enforcement will only close the border after this threshold is crossed for seven consecutive days.

This provision of the executive order is attracting criticism from Republicans, who believe that the president should announce a complete shutdown of the border instead of welcoming so many illegal immigrants on a daily basis.

Another Republican Congressman, Jim Banks, noted that Biden was facing real fears of losing the 2024 presidential elections, which urged him to sign the executive order.

Although Biden was long equipped with the section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act authority that allows him to restrict illegal immigration with a stroke of the pen on an executive order, he has still blamed Congress Republicans for not doing enough to pass the bipartisan border bill.

Trump has previously exercised his powers under the same section when the Democratic-controlled house made the passage of any border legislation impossible.

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