Biden Deploys Hollywood Elites To Headline Campaign Fundraiser

( President Joe Biden is deploying top Hollywood superstars for his fundraising efforts ahead of the 2024 presidential elections alongside former President Barack Obama, who will also raise money for Biden’s reelection efforts.

In June, Biden is hosting a massive fundraiser in Los Angeles where Hollywood giants George Clooney and Julia Roberts will try to expand Biden’s cash reserves to help him against Donald Trump.

The event will organize a contest among supporters, and both movie stars will participate in the contest to enhance its engagement.

The stars will also feature in different political ads and post on social media outlets to give a much-needed boost to Biden who is struggling with a reputation crisis.

Clooney and Roberts, both of whom are Oscar award winners, will also allow the Biden campaign to use their names in the fundraising emails.

Meanwhile, former presidents, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, have also shown interest in elevating Biden’s fundraising efforts. Both of them featured in the March fundraising event for Biden and helped him raise nearly $26 million for the November elections.

Both the major candidates are on a fundraising spree these days. Recently, Biden visited the West Coast and raised almost $10 million within 24 hours. Similarly, he gathered almost the same amount of money following his State of the Union address, in which he took a fiery stance against Donald Trump.

Biden has successfully capitalized on the incumbent advantage in terms of fundraising. He managed to win the support of most of the liberal donors, being the only major Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination. On the other hand, Trump was competing against many Republican presidential hopefuls who were also trying to target the same pool of conservative donors as his campaign.

With less than seven months remaining in the White House battle, Biden has twice the amount of cash compared to the Trump campaign. The president has also spent more money on TV ads and hiring more staff in swing states.

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