Biden Hints of Immediate Border Shutdown

( The Biden administration has long been blasted for its failure to secure the United States’ southern border from illegal immigration, prompting President Joe Biden to consider executive action on the matter. Biden suggested that he might try to limit the number of daily border crossings through executive action, although he expressed concerns about whether he lacks the authority without a congressional mandate.

Biden said that a border security deal proposed in the US Senate would have empowered him to restrict border crossings if an average of more than 4,000 people per day over the course of a single week. Biden said that some people have told him he should “just go ahead and try it,” even without approval from lawmakers.

The White House has not reached a final decision on whether to issue an executive order on the border, a Biden administration official reportedly said. A White House spokesperson also reportedly urged House lawmakers to pass the Senate border security bill.

Congress has not only considered border security legislation, but also articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his role in the administration’s failure to secure the border. The House of Representatives approved the impeachment articles and will send them to the Senate the week of April 15.

The Democrat-majority Senate is expected to quickly dismiss the measure. However, some Republican Senators have suggested that they could hinder other activity in the upper chamber of Congress if Democrats refuse to hold a full impeachment trial.

It remains to be seen when, or even if, Biden will take executive action to secure the border, but he could benefit by holding out until Election Day in November. A majority of likely US voters believe that the Biden administration is encouraging immigration in an effort to gain a “permanent majority” for elections, according to an April 2024 poll.

A majority of US voters also believe that preventing illegal immigrants from voting in elections is very important, the poll found. Just 17% of respondents consider it unimportant, the poll report said.

It is possible to surmise how important Biden believes the issue is based on whether he ultimately acts to secure the border before Election Day.

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