Biden Interview 100% Scripted TV Host Reveals

( Sports fans in the United States sometimes speculate about whether professional leagues script their seasons, but an ESPN interview with US President Joe Biden almost certainly was staged. Former ESPN host Sage Steele said that her March 2021 interview with Biden was entirely scripted by the network.

Steele, who left ESPN following a free speech lawsuit, claims that the network warned her not to deviate from the script whatsoever. Steele said that she was neither allowed to alter the wording of questions nor ask follow-ups.

Steele also expressed sympathy for Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. It is “heartbreaking” that people who claim to care for Biden continue to place him in the spotlight despite his diminished mental faculties, Steele said.

In an October 2023 interview with Bill Maher, Steele described Biden’s memory problems. Biden could not recall who was interviewing him and trailed off in response to questions, Steele said.

Steele said that she is confident that ESPN sent the scripted interview questions to the White House ahead of the segment, although she noted she does not know for certain. Since leaving ESPN, Steele has launched her own podcast.

On April 4, Steele also appeared in an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who likewise launched a podcast after leaving his previous employer. In the interview, Steele defended her support of female athletes who are critical of policies that force them to compete against transgender individuals.

Steele has previously said that ESPN asked her not to comment on such matters, citing concerns about offending fellow employees. Steele said she had no idea it would be controversial to “stand up” for women in competitive sports. Steele added that it is not in her heart to attack transgender athletes who want to compete because she has empathy for them, but that it was a “no brainer” to support women.

Now that Steele runs her own podcast, she will not have to take orders from ESPN about scripted interviews and policing speech. However, that also likely means she will not get another chance to freely interview Biden.

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