Biden Lists Rules Ahead of Highly Anticipated Debate

( US President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump officially agreed to two televised debates ahead of the 2024 election, although Biden made several stipulations to participate. Biden demanded that the debates take place without an in-person audience, contending that such a format is better for potential voters.

Biden and Trump are set to debate each other on June 27 and September 10. The two leading candidates agreed to the debates after months of back-and-forth on the issue. However, the debates will take place on private media networks and not through the non-profit Commission on Presidential Debates as they have in previous years.

Presidential debates ought to be organized for the benefit of viewers at home, not an in-person audience of “raucous or disruptive” partisans and donors, Biden said. Biden also argued that excluding a live audience would be more cost-effective. Biden made his case in a May 15 letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, in which he explained his decision to hold the events separate from the organization.

A Biden adviser said that a live audience would benefit Trump because he “feeds off” a crowd. The Biden campaign wants to take away that advantage from Trump, the adviser said.

Biden also criticized the commission for scheduling debates after early voting begins for some Americans. Moreover, Biden complained about the commission not enforcing its own rules in the 2020 debates.

Although Biden and Trump are set to face off on the debate stage, independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr has not yet secured a place at the events. Kennedy accused the two leading candidates of trying to exclude him from the debates out of fear that he would emerge the winner.

Kennedy claimed that he is on track to meet the criteria to participate in the first debate in June. Trump has said that he would be open to sharing a debate stage with Kennedy if he meets the threshold. However, Trump has not accepted Kennedy’s previous challenge to debate at the Libertarian National Convention, which both men are scheduled to attend.

Regardless of whether Kennedy joins Biden and Trump on the debate stage, the events will not look as they have in previous election cycles, due to Biden’s demands for an ideal setup.

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