Biden Pumps $900 Million into Green School Bus Project Despite Students Struggling

( Biden’s White House is allocating $900 million to 530 school districts nationwide to replace the existing fossil fuel based school buses with cleaner and greener models, even as educational standards across the country continue to decline.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is spearheading these efforts, schools in 47 states will receive some kind of funding to replace their existing bus fleets. This controversial funding comes at a time when children nationwide are still struggling to catch up with pre-pandemic educational standards.

Michael Regan, the EPA administrator, stated that President Biden envisions a country where every child is able to breathe clean air, which is only possible by upgrading our old infrastructure with green and clean technologies.

Vice President Kamala Harris has also previously stated that she loves electric buses for school children.

The country is currently grappling with a low-quality education crisis that started during the pandemic when many liberal educational stakeholders and lawmakers pushed for remote learning by shutting down physical classes.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has alarmingly revealed that only one-third of fourth-grade students have reading proficiency, with a whopping 40% labeled as “essentially nonreaders.”

Almost 67% of this generous funding will be directed toward low-income and rural communities, where educational standards are far worse than in the rest of the country.

The Prince George’s County Public School District of Maryland will be awarded $5 million under this new program at a time when almost 79% of its eighth graders are not proficient in math.

Similarly, a Philadelphia school district that is receiving $8.5 million in green funds has about 85% of its middle school and 57% of high school students incompetent in math.

The situation is equally worrying in a Connecticut school district, which is set to receive 25 clean energy buses but only had 7% of its students proficient in math last year and more than 84% of students failed to meet reading standards.

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