Biden Slams Court Abortion Ruling “Outrageous!”

( US President Joe Biden blasted the Florida Supreme Court for allowing the enforcement of abortion restrictions passed by the state legislature. Biden called the court’s decision “outrageous” and claimed that it takes away women’s freedom to make their own healthcare decisions.

On April 1, the Florida Supreme Court issued two rulings related to abortion: one ruling upheld the state’s 15-week abortion ban and enabled a six-week abortion ban to move forward; the other ruling allowed a proposed constitutional amendment to protect abortion to appear on ballots in the state in November.

The six-week ban could prevent women from accessing abortions before they are even aware of their pregnancies, Biden said. Biden also criticized the legislation for threatening healthcare providers with jail time for providing abortions.

However, the court’s decision to allow the proposed constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights to appear on Florida ballots in November could put an end to such restrictions. The proposal requires 60% support from the state’s voters in order to take effect.

Florida Supreme Court justices were split on whether to allow the proposed amendment to appear on ballots. Dissenting justices contended that the proposal did not meet constitutional and statutory requirements to appear on ballots. The ballot summary fails to inform voters of the material legal consequences of the amendment, Justice Jamie Grosshans said in a dissenting opinion.

Nevertheless, two justices appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined the majority opinion to allow the proposal to appear on ballots in a 4-3 decision. All three of the dissenting justices were appointed by DeSantis.

DeSantis’ anti-abortion stance has put political pressure on former US President and prospective 2024 Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump has previously criticized the six-week abortion ban approved by DeSantis. On April 2, Trump said that he will soon make an official statement on abortion, following questions about whether he supports the Florida restrictions.

Although Biden, and perhaps Trump, take issue with Florida’s restrictions on abortion, the state’s voters will ultimately decide whether they want to keep the policies through the proposed constitutional amendment.

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