Biden’s EPIC Meltdown Over Latest Poll Numbers

( US President Joe Biden has reportedly been venting frustrations about his lackluster poll performances in front of his staff and allies. Biden’s popularity in the so-called battleground states of Michigan and Georgia has declined ahead of Election Day in November, due to the president’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Biden shouted and cussed after political allies informed him of his falling poll numbers in the electorally important states. Biden is angry, anxious, and “seething” about the results of his reelection efforts so far, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Aides have worked to minimize the chances of gaffes from Biden, 81, during his campaign. However, Biden thinks that such efforts are too restrictive for him as a politician, the sources said.

Biden is seeking to engage more directly with voters and counter Trump directly. Nevertheless, Biden has purportedly questioned whether he ought to trust his advisers or his own instincts.

Despite taking a hit among his political base for his military backing of Israel, Biden insists that he is doing what is right. Biden makes national security decisions based solely on national security needs, not politics or any other factor, White House Spokesman Andrew Bates said.

A YouGov survey conducted February 27-March 1 found that 62% of Biden’s 2020 voters believe that the United States should suspend arms shipments to Israel until it ends its military operations in the Gaza Strip. Less than one-third of Donald Trump’s supporters, 30%, support such a stance.

Biden and Trump are the presumptive nominees heading into Election Day, although neither has officially secured their respective party’s nominations. Biden has provided both material and rhetorical support to Israel in the wake of Hamas’ October 7 surprise attack on the country, while also urging the Israeli government to make an effort to avoid civilian casualties.

Although Biden believes that he is taking the right approach to the conflict, a significant number of his potential voters disagree. Whether his private frustrations turn into public policy changes or outbursts remains to be seen.

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