Biden’s Tone Deaf Response to Fallen Cop

( Former president and tentative 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump criticized political rival Joe Biden for his response—or lack thereof—to the slaying of a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer. The policeman, Jonathan Diller, died after a convicted felon allegedly shot him during a traffic stop.

Trump attended a wake honoring Diller on Long Island, on the same day Biden traveled to Manhattan for a campaign fundraiser. Biden missed a “very sad moment” for the United States, Trump said, adding that Biden must get more involved with the country.

Biden’s political base may be holding him back from overtly supporting law enforcement, Trump said. Trump blasted Biden for failing to call Diller’s family, but also argued that they may have been unwilling to even take his call.

Instead, Biden called New York City Mayor Eric Adams to discuss Diller’s death. Adams attended the murdered officer’s wake on March 28, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul attended the wake the following day. However, other attendees confronted Hochul during the event, after which point she left the venue.

Video footage of the confrontation shows a man animatedly speaking and gesturing to Hochul. Following the conversation, Hochul walked away, prompting applause from onlookers.

Hochul also reportedly talked with Diller’s widow. One source claimed that it seemed like the widow was “telling off” Hochul, although another source described it as a short and respectful conversation.

Hochul defended her appearance at the wake as the “right thing” to do and denied that she was asked to leave the event. Hochul said that Diller’s family granted her request to attend the wake, noting that she would not have attended the event if the family would have rejected her request.

It was important to meet with Diller’s family and other wake attendees to listen to what they had to say, Hochul said. Hochul claims that she was very respectful during the event and said prayers at Diller’s casket.

Whereas Hochul came under fire for attending the wake, it appears as though Biden was content to risk criticism for not attending at all.

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