Carlson Claims Trump’s Life May Be In Danger

Carlson Claims Trump's Life May Be In Danger

( – Former President Donald Trump’s life could be in danger heading into the 2024 election due to political opponents turning to assassination as a last resort to prevent his return to the White House. Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson contended that Trump’s enemies could resort to killing him if other efforts to impede his presidential campaign fail.

Trump’s political opponents have already escalated from protests to impeachment to indictments against the former president, Carlson said during an interview with conservative commentator Dan Bongino. “None of it has worked. What’s next?” Carlson said. “Of course, it’s assassination.”

Carlson claimed to have talked with Trump about the potential to face assassination threats. However, Carlson claims Trump refused to engage on the subject. Nevertheless, Trump is smart enough to know that the possibility is real, Carlson added.

Carlson made similar comments on December 7 in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones speculated that the so-called “deep state” could kill US President Joe Biden as well.

Carlson’s statements come in the buildup to the 2024 presidential election, in which Trump is vying for the Republican Party’s nomination. Trump is leading in the polls, despite facing numerous legal challenges, including criminal cases and attempts to block his primary ballot access.

Trump is not the only Republican facing the prospect of violence from disgruntled political opponents. Several Republican officials have been the victims of “swatting” attacks, in which the perpetrators fabricate serious incidents at victims’ addresses in an attempt to provoke a law enforcement response. Such attacks have led to the deaths of innocent victims.

However, Trump is no stranger to death threats. On June 1, 2017, the Secret Service said that Trump received six to eight threats per day during his initial months in office. Notably, comedian Kathy Griffin came under fire for posing with a mock severed head of Trump.

Regardless, if Carlson is correct in his prediction, then such threats may escalate into action if Trump appears to be getting too close to retaking the presidency.

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