Child Among Nine Killed During Election Rally Stage Crash

( A gusty wind spell destroyed the election rally stage in Mexico, resulting in the deaths of nine individuals, including a child, and injuring 50 others.

Mexico’s presidential hopeful, Jorge Alvarez Maynez, was attending the event at the time of the tragic collapse but remained unharmed.

Maynez was campaigning for his party’s mayoral candidate for the city of San Pedro Garza Garcia. The remaining top leadership of the party was also present at the stage, with some of them sustained injuries.

Maynez, who has now canceled his future events for the time being, expressed his willingness to stay at the crash site until the last victim was rescued.

The videos captured at the time of crash indicate that Maynez was waving at his charged supporters when he realized that the big screen was about to fall on him. He immediately changed his position to avoid any mishap.

Right after the collapse, the audience visibly panicked and started running as everyone tried to make sense of the accident.

As the dust settled, Maynez announced on his social media profiles that he had to go to the hospital for minor treatments, adding that everyone should take care of the real victims of the crash.

One eyewitness of the stage collapse, Jose Juan, recounted the entire event and called it a “pure hysteria.” Jose himself fainted after the falling structure struck his head.

The country was already on high alert due to warnings from the weather department about heavy wind currents and tornadoes.

Mexico’s incumbent president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and other rivals of Maynez expressed their sincere condolences to the victims and their families.

The leading presidential nominee, Claudia Sheinbaum, who is contesting the elections from the ruling party, canceled her planned rally and expressed solidarity with victims.

Mexicans are set to participate in their largest-ever polls on June 2, where almost 100 million voters will be eligible to cast their ballots.

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