China Intimidate Taiwan by Conducting Punishment Drill Exercises On It’s Doorstep

( China has launched advanced military drills involving its state-of-the-art weaponry around Taiwan as the island welcomes its new president, Lai Ching Te.

The Chinese military staged a mock missile bombing on Taiwan and surrounded the country and its associated islands.

The Chinese military labeled the drills as a “punishment” for the “separatist acts” of Lai and warned any external forces not to interfere in the region.

Lai has often claimed that only the Taiwanese people can decide the future of the island and rejected Chinese claims that the island is an integral part of China.

As of now, the Chinese military drills remain less severe than what it staged back in 2022 when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. However, the confrontation could escalate in the coming days as a bipartisan group of US lawmakers visited Taiwan and promised them military aid against rising Chinese ambitions.

Meanwhile, Chinese state-controlled media slammed Lai’s inauguration speech and accused him of promoting instability with his confrontational approach.

Geopolitical analysts believe that China could easily take over government buildings in Taiwan if it decides to launch a full-scale invasion.

Should this happen, the global supply chain is likely to come under intense pressure, and the Taiwan semiconductor industry would face an unprecedented downturn, which would ultimately wreak havoc across the United States. Taiwan currently manufactures almost 50% of global semiconductors.

In recent times, China has rapidly advanced its military ambitions in the Taiwan Strait with almost daily military movement.

China downplays Taiwan’s independence and claims that over 1 billion people of China have the ultimate authority to decide the future of the island.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s defense ministry expressed optimism to defend the country against Chinese warring ambitions.

The US State Department also urged China not to see Taiwan’s government transition as an opportunity to advance its war in the region.

As the threat of a full-scale Chinese invasion remains, many people in Taiwan have already started preparing for the chaos that can erupt in the upcoming days.

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