Chinese National Gets Life in Prison for Murder

( – On Friday, February 9th, 47-year-old Chen Wu, a Chinese national, admitted to a judge his role in the fatal killing of four individuals at an unlicensed medical marijuana operation in Oklahoma. Court records show Wu pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon related to the November 20th, 2022, killings.

Prosecutors revealed that Wu, known as Wu Chen according to jail documents, carried out the shooting at a farm west of Hennessey, about 55 miles northwest of Oklahoma City. He reportedly shot and killed four people (three male and one female) in a garage shortly after demanding the return of a $300,000 investment he made in the illegal cannabis operation.

All the victims, including Fang Hui Lee, Chen He Qiang, Quirong Lin, and Chen He Chun, were Chinese citizens, as was Wu himself. The unlicensed marijuana operation, spanning 10 acres, utilized a fraudulently obtained license for medical marijuana cultivation.

Following the killings, Wu fled the scene, but authorities apprehended him two days later in Florida after identifying his vehicle. Miami Beach police confirmed his arrest, leading to his extradition to Oklahoma for trial.

Reports show that Wu received life sentences without parole for each murder charge and a 20-year sentence for the assault charge as part of a plea deal. Moreover, Kingfisher County District Attorney Tommy Humphries emphasized the broader implications, stating the case should serve as a warning about the dangers of illegal marijuana practices in the state.

Meanwhile, authorities slammed Yi Fei Lin, a survivor of the attack, with a separate assault charge, though details remain unclear.

Further complicating the ongoing legal proceedings, court documents also revealed allegations against 35-year-old Richard Ignacio, identified as a key figure in the illegal operation. Ignacio, reportedly the “straw” owner of the farm, allegedly falsified documents to obtain the cultivation licenses.

According to Southwest Ledger News, Ignacio, Alexander Shiang Lin Chang, and Kevin Paul Pham faced indictment on 13 felony counts by an Oklahoma multi-county grand jury in December 2023. Charges ranged from conspiracy to illegal marijuana manufacturing.

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