Clinton Library Forced to Delete Ill-Timed Post

Clinton Library Forced to Delete Ill-Timed Post

( – The Clinton Presidential Center’s account on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, deleted a post asking users for input on whom they think former President Bill Clinton first messaged via email in 1998. The post was removed after commenters referenced ties between Clinton and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Clinton-associated account published the post in the wake of new court filings that revealed details about the accusations surrounding Epstein.

The post featured a picture of Clinton typing on a laptop computer, from which he sent his first-ever email message on November 7, 1998. “Can you guess who it was to?” the post asked users.

Commenters began replying with references to Epstein, whom Clinton maintained a relationship with alongside convicted trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. One alleged Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg, said in a recently released deposition that Epstein told her that Clinton likes “young” girls. Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet multiple times but has not faced specific criminal allegations linked to the financier.

Regardless, the Clinton Presidential Center first limited replies and then deleted the social media post altogether amid the wave of Epstein-related comments. The center is operated by the Clinton Foundation, according to its website.

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre claimed in testimony that Clinton attempted to threaten US publication Vanity Fair into agreeing not to write articles critical of Epstein. However, Vanity Fair staff deny that Clinton made any such threats. Giuffre also testified that she never personally saw Clinton intimately involved with anybody.

Clinton spokesperson Angel Urena denied close personal ties between the former president and Epstein. Urena referenced a 2019 statement from Clinton, in which he claimed to have no knowledge of Epstein’s criminal activities.

Epstein died in 2019 ahead of a trial on sex trafficking charges. Officials declared Epstein’s death a suicide, but the circumstances of the death have fueled speculation about the veracity of official claims. Based on the deleted post by the Clinton Presidential Center, it appears as though the former president hopes to avoid being further dragged into the case himself.

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