Congresswoman Does About-Face, Decides to Run Again

( – Ukrainian-American US Congresswoman Victoria Spartz will run for re-election in 2024 despite having previously announced her intention to leave her office. Spartz said in February 2023 that she would leave Congress to spend more time with her family, but has since changed her mind.

The United States is “too much in trouble” to leave office now, Spartz said in a statement. Spartz indicated that she will file her candidacy paperwork before the February 9 deadline.

Primary elections in Indiana will take place on May 7; Spartz will have to compete with several other Republicans who have filed to run for her congressional seat. However, no Democrats have filed to run in the race.

Spartz said that she understands the significance of the challenges faced by the US as someone who “grew up under tyranny” in the Soviet Union. The congresswoman said she would be honored to continue serving in Congress if Indiana voters and God decide to keep her in the seat.

Spartz began her political career in the Indiana State Legislature in 2017. Spartz’s experience growing up in the Soviet Union contributed to beliefs in limited government and free markets, according to the lawmaker’s campaign biography. Prior to government service, Spartz worked in the financial realm, working her way up from a bank teller to a finance executive and business owner.

The Ukraine-born congresswoman drew the ire of some Republican colleagues in the US Congress after she criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Spartz accused Zelenskyy’s closest aides of corruption, which some Ukraine hawks in the party saw as a threat to continued US support for the country.

Spartz’s criticisms of the Zelenskyy regime also prompted the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to accuse the congresswoman of attempting to gain political capital through “baseless” speculation.

Despite the pushback, Spartz now intends to continue her work in the US Congress, contingent on her constituents re-electing her to the position.

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