Conservative Party Makes Pledge to Increase Police Force

( The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom announced plans to empower police forces by recruiting 8,000 new officers and giving them more powers in different domains.

The bills for the new policing programs will be covered by increasing the visa costs and eliminating discounts given to students for the Immigration Health surcharge.

According to the party, the newly inducted police officers will be deployed all over the country, with at least one additional officer in every ward in England and Wales.

Chris Philp, the minister of policing affairs of the UK, stated that the new officers would specifically be recruited for neighborhood policing, where they will respond to local criminal investigations.

Philp also appreciated his party’s approach of hiring an unprecedented number of police officers after coming to power in 2019.

The conservative party also announced that the new officers would be empowered to seize equipment like blades, knives and machetes that could potentially be used in crimes. Furthermore, the police will also be allowed to raid any place without a warrant in order to recover stolen goods.

While the conservatives are campaigning that they fulfilled their pledge of hiring at least 20,000 officers after 2019, critics suggest that these recruitments have only replaced those who resigned from the police in the last decade due to the government funding crisis.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also backed the measure, stating that the police recruitment spree would help reduce crime in the UK.

However, the opposition believes that this is yet another empty promise of the ruling party, which has only destroyed neighborhood policing after coming to power.

The Liberal Democrats have slammed the government for funneling huge amounts of money for politically-motivated projects instead of solving the rising crimes. Their spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael, stated that at least 6,000 crimes remain unresolved every day, adding that conservatives have never pursued their own promises to introduce necessary policing reforms in the country.

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