Councilwoman Furious Over Squatters’ Rights Law.

( Queens Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (R) is pushing to reform a law letting squatters claim ownership of empty buildings in 30 days. Paladino is outraged by the situation faced by Adele Andaloro, who took possession of her family’s home in Flushing after her parents’ passing. While preparing to sell the property, settlers moved into Andaloro’s childhood home, installed a new front door, and changed the locks, leaving her locked out.

Paladino said the situation represents a clear imbalance in the law favoring squatters over homeowners – that existing laws leave property owners with no legal recourse to evict squatters quickly.

Although, the crux of the issue lies in New York’s current squatter’s rights law. Under this law, occupying a vacant property for 30 days grants temporary tenant rights, making eviction lengthy and complicated.

Paladino argues the 30-day rule doesn’t provide enough time for property owners to act. She highlighted the case of Ms. Andaloro, stating that settlers moved in, claimed residency after 30 days, and subsequently acquired tenant rights, effectively depriving Andaloro of her property.

The republican councilwoman revealed another troubling aspect of the situation – One of the settlers reportedly leased the basement of the home – taking advantage of the problem. She expressed astonishment, deeming it utterly incredible.

Paladino isn’t alone in her push for change. Bipartisan efforts are underway to address this growing problem. Lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties, including Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz (R-Long Island), are proposing legislation.

Blumencranz’s proposal follows a separate tragic event involving squatters reportedly committing homicide in a woman’s Manhattan apartment inherited from her late mother. Paladino expressed sorrow over this appalling death, stating that it marked a significant turning point. She questioned why the legal system seems to prioritize criminals at the expense of property owners.

The proposed legislation aims to extend the squatter residency period before tenant rights are granted. This would give homeowners more time to address the situation and prevent squatters from exploiting loopholes.

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