Courtroom Chaos Erupts As Man Attacks Judge

Courtroom Chaos Erupts As Man Attacks Judge

( – On Wednesday, January 3rd, Deobra Redden, 30, quite literally launched a physical assault on Judge Mary Kay Holthus in a Nevada courtroom during his sentencing hearing after being denied probation. The violent incident, which occurred in a Las Vegas court, was captured on video.

Redden, who had previously admitted guilt to attempted battery causing significant bodily harm, as confirmed by a representative from the Eighth Judicial District Court, leaped over a courtroom bench onto Judge Holthus in a widely circulated video on social media. Courtroom flags fell during the incident, accompanied by audible cursing, momentarily obstructing the view of Holthus and Redden. Three men quickly restrained Redden, using force in the process.

According to a court spokesperson, Judge Holthus, 62, sustained injuries and is currently under observation. A court marshal, who was also injured, had been taken to a hospital and is reported to be in stable condition as of this writing.

The Eighth Judicial District Court commended the “heroic efforts” of its staff, law enforcement, and others involved in subduing Redden. The court reiterated its commitment to courthouse safety, stating, “We are reviewing protocols and will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the judiciary, the public, and our employees.”

Requests for comments from Judge Holthus and Redden’s lawyer on Wednesday were unanswered.

Earlier the same day, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported a battery incident at the courthouse. In a statement without naming individuals, the Police Department confirmed that two people were transported to the University Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect is in custody.

Prior to his physical assault, Redden’s lawyer had requested probation for him. Judge Holthus responded, “I appreciate that, but I believe it’s time for him to experience incarceration. I can’t overlook his history,” alluding to Redden’s criminal background.

Redden has a history of prison sentences, including a minimum 19-month term in 2015 for attempted theft. In 2021, he served time for domestic battery, according to Nevada Department of Corrections records.

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