Critics Warn Barron Trump Is Fair Game As He Enters Political Arena

( Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, attracted criticism as the news circulated about him making his political debut by serving as a delegate for his father at the Republican National Convention.

Critics called Barron “fair game” and warned him of inevitable backlash associated with politics. They claimed that daughters of former president Barack Obama were also scrutinized despite their young ages, so Barron should not be immune from political attacks.

Although Barron has previously attracted criticism numerous times from multiple media outlets, he has even been defended by some liberals. Back in 2017, when Barron was only ten years old, Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, came to his defense and asked critics to treat him like a kid.

However, as Barron turned 18 in March this year and buckled up to make his political debut, now an overwhelming majority of critics believe that he will be treated just like any other politician.

One critic wrote that this was just the beginning of Barron’s politics, and he would soon serve as the fake elector of Donald Trump in Florida after Biden’s win in the Sunshine State.

Another critic stated that Republicans attacked Bill Clinton’s daughter when she was 13 years old and Obama’s young daughters, so Barron should also be prepared to face political attacks.

Nonetheless, Barron has also faced criticism numerous times due to his father’s political inclination.

Last year, he even received death threats from a liberal woman. Similarly, many critics claim that Barron’s father is not Donald Trump but someone else due to his towering height, which surpasses every other family member.

On Donald Trump’s inauguration day in 2017, comedian Katie Rich noted that Barron would be the first-ever “homeschool shooter” in the United States.

Meanwhile, as social media erupted and the possibility of below-the-belt attacks on the young boy increased, former First Lady Melania Trump stated that Barron had refused to become a delegate for the Republican Party due to his “prior commitments.”

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