Crowd Chants ‘VP’ for Guest Speaker at Trump Event

( – Although entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy suspended his 2024 presidential campaign after coming in fourth place in the Iowa caucus, some Republican voters are now calling on him to join former US President Donald Trump on the ticket as vice president. During an event in New Hampshire on January 16, attendees urged Trump and Ramaswamy to team up.

The crowd began chanting “VP!” when Ramaswamy took the stage at the Trump event, where he backed the former president’s reelection bid. The United States needs a president who will lead the “everyday citizen” in a war against the “permanent state,” Ramaswamy said. Such a leader will need to be a businessman, not a politician, Ramaswamy added.

Ramaswamy suspended his own presidential campaign after coming in fourth place in the Iowa Republican Party caucus, behind Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Ramaswamy campaigned on a platform largely aligned with Trump’s own policy positions.

Ramaswamy endorsed Trump shortly after exiting the race — an endorsement that Trump said he was honored to receive. However, prior to the Iowa caucus, Trump told Republicans not to “waste” their votes on Ramaswamy.

Whether Trump is considering Ramaswamy as a running mate remains unclear, although Trump said that Ramaswamy will be working with his team for a long time. When asked about the possibility of serving as Trump’s vice president, Ramaswamy said that he wants to serve the US in any way he can.

Ramaswamy called on DeSantis to follow his lead and drop out of the race before the New Hampshire primary, in order to consolidate support behind Trump and against Haley, with whom Ramaswamy frequently sparred in debates. Ramaswamy also urged Haley to drop out of the race herself.

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled for January 23. DeSantis and Haley are aiming to halt Trump’s momentum from the Iowa caucus, whereas it appears Ramaswamy is seeking to boost it.

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