DeSantis Calls For Deportation And Expulsion Of Anti Semitic Students

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has demanded strict action against anti-Israel protesters who stormed his alma mater, Yale University, noting that the foreign protesters should be deported immediately while Americans should be expelled from the college.

Speaking at a press conference, DeSantis stated that had he been in power, he would have asked the Justice Department to take decisive action against the agitators who were not only involved in hate speech but threatened the security of the Jewish students as well. The governor also criticized Yale’s administration for failing to curb the protests that have reduced the civil rights of Jewish students.

DeSantis also established that protesters have no right to target students based on their religion, and if they do this, they need to be removed from the colleges. According to him, universities in Florida have strict rules that expel students who participate in such harassment.

DeSantis also lashed out at Biden for failing to enforce the law with the help of the Education and Justice Department. He advised the relevant authorities to penalize agitators, claiming that it would discourage them from participating in the future demonstrations.

DeSantis’ comments came at a time when colleges nationwide are seeing a massive surge in anti-Israel protests. Some notable institutions where protests erupted include Yale University, New York University, and Columbia University. Police have already arrested dozens of people at Yale, and some rabbis have advised Jewish students not to attend the colleges for safety reasons.

Columbia University recently announced the shift of all its classes to a hybrid model as the administration predicted violence against Jewish students during their annual celebration of Passover.

Last year, Florida ordered the shutdown of chapters of an activist group, Students for Justice in Palestine, in the state’s public universities, claiming that the group is supporting Hamas, which is a designated terror organization by the US State Department. The universities were advised to allow students to form alternate groups that comply with the state’s laws.

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