DeSantis Supporters Meltdown After Governor Drops Out and Endorses Trump

DeSantis Supporters Meltdown After Governor Drops Out and Endorses Trump

( – Some supporters of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential bid expressed discontent online after DeSantis suspended his campaign and endorsed former President Donald Trump. DeSantis’ departure from the race leaves Republicans with Trump and former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley as the potential nominees, both of whom DeSantis sparred with on the campaign trail.

On January 21, DeSantis announced the suspension of his campaign following Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus. DeSantis said it is clear that a majority of Republican voters want Trump as the party’s nominee.

DeSantis said that he intends to honor his pledge to support whoever the Republican Party ultimately chooses as its nominee. Despite their disagreements, Trump is clearly superior to incumbent Joe Biden, DeSantis said in a statement.

However, DeSantis advisor Robert Salvador rejected calls to unite with Trump in a statement to social media platform X, claiming that Trump’s “hired guns” have doxxed DeSantis supporters, attempted to get them fired, and posted hateful content. The people who committed the alleged actions against DeSantis supporters now wish to forget the past and move forward, but it’s “not going to happen,” pro-DeSantis commentator Pedro Gonzalez also said in a post to X.

Former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, who endorsed DeSantis in the primary, criticized Trump for saying that he has retired the “Ron DeSanctimonius” nickname after the Florida governor backed his presidential run. Like Gonzalez, Ellis noted that DeSantis supporters will not just forget about Trump’s actions on the campaign trail.

Although DeSantis stepped out of Trump’s way to the nomination, a number of legal cases still stand between him and the White House. Democrats are using “lawfare” to attack Trump, DeSantis said. Nevertheless, DeSantis suggested that he would veto a bill in the Florida state senate to give Trump millions of dollars to aid him in his legal defense efforts.

After DeSantis’ veto threat, Florida State Senator Ileana Garcia said that she would withdraw the bill. Trump, a Florida resident, can handle himself as the frontrunner in the Republican primary, Garcia said.

DeSantis supporters now must decide whether to follow the Florida governor in backing Trump, switch their support to Haley, or stop participating in the process altogether.

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