DeSantis Urges Unity Amongst GOP Calls to Stand Behind Trump

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asked Republicans to rally behind Donald Trump for the 2024 elections.

After meeting with Trump on April 28, DeSantis has significantly shifted his viewpoint about the former president.

The governor stated that party members may have differences in primaries, but now, when we have one candidate, every Republican is on the same page.

His comments came days after his meeting with Donald Trump. The former president wrote on Truth Social that a mutual friend helped them organize the meeting and that the two men discussed how they could work together for the betterment of America. Trump also wrote that he is happy to have the full support of the conservative governor.

Initially, there was speculation that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possible vice presidential ticket for DeSantis, but sources close to both Trump and DeSantis claimed that both of them met to bridge their differences.

DeSantis is considered one of the most capable individuals at fundraising in the Republican party. He is currently doing fundraising for Reps. Chip Roy and Laurel Lee. Now, after settling his terms with Trump, he is also likely to be involved in intense fundraising efforts for the former president, whose campaign is currently facing a massive financial crunch.

Both Trump and DeSantis have traded insults in the recent past.

During his primary campaign, DeSantis claimed that Trump would try to delegitimize the election results if he did not win the early voting states in primaries. He also stated that Florida Republicans who have the decisive authority would not like to pay for Trump’s legal bills. The governor also dismissed the idea of becoming Trump’s running mate and refused to actively campaign for him in Florida.

Even though the governor backed Trump at the time of withdrawing his presidential nomination, he still slammed him on various occasions afterward.

Trump also nicknamed the governor “DeSanctimonious” and even called him an average governor.

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