DHS Monitoring 617,000 Illegal Migrants With Criminal Records In US

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn addressed the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, shedding light on the impact of the border crisis on his jurisdiction. Waybourn revealed that over 200 illegal aliens are already being held in Tarrant County jails, with individuals facing various serious charges of different kinds.

Among the charges are five sexual assaults, as well as 38 assaults with a deadly weapon. There are a further eight murder charges, and 200 other miscellaneous other charges, including intoxicated homicide and the production or distribution of child pornography.

During the hearing, Waybourn described how the presence of illegal aliens, many of whom are members of gangs, are the direct result of President Joe Biden’s many failures on the border. Titled “How the Border Crisis Impacts Public Safety,” the hearing was held before the National Security, Border, and Foreign Affairs subcommittee. It was chaired by Rep. Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district. Also speaking at the hearing was Ken Cuccinelli, the former acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security.

Grothman started the hearing by pointing to concerning data, showing that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are already tracking more than 6 million illegal aliens known to have entered the United States illegally, with some 617,000 of those having criminal backgrounds. Grothman said that the government needs to act now to enforce immigration laws and protect U.S. citizens from criminals coming over the border.

More than just violent crime, however, many of those who have illegally entered the United States are understood to have engaged in criminal drug activity, including the selling of illegal and deadly drugs like Fentanyl. During the hearing, Sheriff Mike Chapman from Loudoun County, Virginia, described some horror stories of young Americans overdosing on drugs being brought into the States from over the border. Specifically, the sheriff shared how he recalls at least 11 overdoses among high school students in a period of six weeks in 2023.

The hearing comes as the House of Representatives prepares to send articles of impeachment against Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the United States Senate.

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