Did He, Or Didn’t He? Mayor Changes His Story

Did He, Or Didn't He? Mayor Changes His Story

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing scrutiny after a resurfaced passage from his 2009 book, “Don’t Let It Happen,” claimed he accidentally fired a gun in school as a child. The account, published 15 years ago, contradicts other documented narratives of his upbringing and raises questions about the accuracy of some personal stories he has used to connect with voters and illustrate his tough-guy persona.

In the excerpt obtained by News 4, Adams describes grabbing a gun he believed to be fake from a friend and pulling the trigger, narrowly missing his classmates. “The incident scared me so much that I dropped the gun and ran,” the passage reads.

But on Monday, when reporters confronted Adams with the story, he denied it, blaming a possible misunderstanding by his co-author and claiming the book “never went into print.” This assertion, however, clashes with readily available copies on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as mentions in major publications like New York Magazine and Politico.

Through First Deputy Press Secretary Charles Kretchmer Lutvak, the mayor’s office maintained that the story should not have been published and was being removed from circulation. Lutvak further stated that Adams had contacted the publisher to take the book out of circulation and reviewed the incident with his co-author.

This episode adds to a growing list of inconsistencies surrounding Adams’ personal narratives. Earlier, he admitted to The New York Times that a confrontation he recounted in a commencement speech belonged to someone else. He has also faced questions about altering details of a frequently told story about being assaulted by police as a child.

Beyond the specific discrepancies, the controversy raises concerns about the authenticity of Adams’ public persona. As a former NYPD captain and current mayor, he often leans on stories of hardship and grit to connect with voters, particularly those dealing with gun violence and poverty.

While Adams’ motivations for embellishing his past remain unclear, the revelations underscore the need for transparency and honesty, especially from elected officials.

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