Disturbing Details Revealed in Church Shooting

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – A Sunday service at the Lakewood Church, led by celebrity pastor Joel Osteen, took a horrifying turn when a woman wielding an AR-15 inscribed with “Palestine” opened fire inside the megachurch. The incident, which occurred shortly after 2 pm, left one man injured and another critically wounded before the shooter was fatally shot by two off-duty officers working as security.

According to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, the woman, identified as 36-year-old Genesse Moreno, entered the 45,000-member congregation disguised in a trench coat. As she opened fire, which caused panic and chaos in the church, two off-duty officers reacted swiftly, engaging the shooter and bringing an end to the immediate threat.

Chief Finner lauded the officers’ bravery and swift action, emphasizing that the attacker’s long gun could have caused significantly more harm. He commended them for stepping up to the occasion when it mattered the most.

Further details surrounding the shooter’s motive remain unclear. While initial reports identified the shooter as a woman, recent arrest records indicate she was identified as a man named “Jeffrey Escalante” in the past. Moreno’s criminal record extends back nearly 20 years.

The incident also involved a young child, later identified as Moreno’s 7-year-old son. The child sustained critical injuries during the exchange of gunfire and remains in critical condition.

While no explosives were found, the shooter reportedly threatened the presence of a bomb and sprayed an unidentified substance on the ground.

Pastor Osteen, expressing visible distress, said that the incident devastated their community. He acknowledged the near-miss of a more significant tragedy, highlighting that the shooting had occurred between services, potentially averting a significantly higher casualty count.

In a statement released shortly after the incident, Osteen offered words of faith and unity amid the tragedy. He urged his congregation to hold onto their faith in the face of darkness, assuring them that evil wouldn’t prevail and that God would guide them through difficult times. He said they would overcome this adversity and remain committed to love and mutual support.

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