DOJ Threatens to Sue Red State

DOJ Threatens to Sue Red State

( – The Department of Justice has warned Governor Greg Abbott that legal action will be taken if Texas proceeds with legislation granting state officials the authority to expel individuals suspected of being in the US unlawfully.

In a letter obtained by Hearst Newspapers, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton informed Governor Abbott earlier this month that the legislation he signed into law is unconstitutional and will disrupt federal immigration enforcement operations.

The letter states that if Abbott doesn’t confirm by Wednesday, the state will refrain from enforcing federal law. If confirmation is not received, the United States will take legal action to prevent Texas from interfering with federal government functions.

The new law in Texas, set to take effect in March, allows law enforcement to arrest migrants accused of illegally entering the state from Mexico. Additionally, judges have the authority to order their removal.

Abbott’s border security initiative, Operation Lone Star, represents a significant escalation. The governor and other Texas Republicans portray it as an invitation for the Supreme Court to reconsider long-standing precedent, challenging the exclusive role of the federal government in immigration enforcement.

Abbott’s director of communications, Renae Eze, stated, “Texas is prepared to take the fight to the US Supreme Court to protect Texans and Americans from President Biden’s open border policies. President Biden’s intentional and risky lack of action at the southern border has left Texas with no choice but to address the situation on its own. Governor Abbott recently signed Senate Bill 4 into law to tackle the increase in illegal entry into Texas, considering the President’s unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws.”

Earlier this month, El Paso County, along with two immigrant rights groups, filed a lawsuit to stop what they considered “clearly illegal” legislation. The American Civil Liberties Union is representing them in the case.

Abbott, a former Texas attorney general, asserts that the law is designed to stand independently and can be upheld in the courts. He deems the law necessary to address the surge in border crossings during the Biden administration, accusing President Joe Biden of not adequately securing the border.

The Justice Department references a significant 2012 Supreme Court ruling asserting that only the federal government can enforce immigration laws. Abbott frames the law as an opportunity for the high court to revisit that decision.

On Wednesday, January 3, the Department of Justice made good on their threat and officially filed a lawsuit against Texas.

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