Fallen Heroes Desecrated in Disgusting Act

Fallen Heroes Desecrated in Disgusting Act

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – A protest against the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict took a shocking turn on Saturday, January 6th, when demonstrators vandalized the Los Angeles National Cemetery — a sacred final resting place for nearly 90,000 American veterans. Videos circulating online captured the incident, sparking outrage and condemnation from veterans, elected officials, and community leaders across the political spectrum.

In the footage, a protester used spray paint to write “Free Gaza” along with an inverted red triangle, a symbol infamous from Nazi concentration camps, on the cemetery’s entrance. This blatant disrespect occurred against the backdrop of a larger protest outside the US Federal Building that shut down a major boulevard.

Images showed protesters wearing traditional keffiyehs, waving Palestinian flags, and holding signs that accused President Biden of supporting genocide and labeled Zionists as Nazis. Chants of “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea,” a slogan labeled antisemitic by the Anti-Defamation League, echoed through the air.

The crowd also chanted, “May Palestine prosper,” “May intifada live forever,” and “Joe Biden you’re full of lies, let the war stop,” punctuated by the jarring sight of “intifada” spray-painted on the cemetery sign.

Authorities have not confirmed any arrests regarding the vandalism, and investigations are ongoing. However, various individuals and organizations swiftly condemned the desecration of the hallowed grounds.

VA national cemeteries are hallowed ground where our nation’s heroes find their final rest,” stated Terrence Hayes, a Department of Veterans Affairs spokesperson, to Fox News. “Any act of vandalism is an unacceptable affront to their sacrifice and our national values.”

The cemetery itself echoed this sentiment in a Facebook post, emphasizing that “any act of vandalism is unacceptable” and pledging “immediate steps to restore the Los Angeles National Cemetery sign to its original state.” Subsequent posts expressed gratitude to the Los Angeles County Graffiti Unit for swift cleanup efforts.

Elected officials readily voiced their outrage. Congressman Brad Sherman, representing the area, branded the protesters “anti-American” and highlighted the hypocrisy of defacing a cemetery for those who fought against tyranny. Senator Marsha Blackburn condemned the act as a stark reminder of “their evil intentions,” while city council candidate Sam Yebri accused the protesters of blatant antisemitism.

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