Fani Willis Accused of Improper Relationship With Trump Prosecutor

Fani Willis Accused of Improper Relationship With Trump Prosecutor

( – Lawyers representing a former Donald Trump campaign staffer, Michael Roman, are seeking to have criminal charges against him dismissed on the grounds of an alleged improper relationship between the district attorney and the special prosecutor in the case. Roman’s lawyers allege that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade maintained an undisclosed romantic relationship.

Roman faces election interference charges alongside Trump and more than a dozen other individuals for allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. The motion filed by Roman’s lawyers on January 8 seeks to dismiss the criminal indictment against him in its entirety.

The motion also seeks to disqualify Willis and Wade from further prosecuting the matter due to allegedly maintaining an “improper, clandestine” relationship during the case. The filing states the relationship has led to the two officials profiting significantly at the expense of taxpayers.

Roman’s lawyers described the relationship between Willis and Wade as “romantic.” They allege that the duo took personal trips together to California, Florida, and the Caribbean, as well as taking cruises.

It is unclear when Willis and Wade’s relationship began, but Wade was married when it started, the filing claims. Wade filed for divorce one day after his first contract with Willis began. In addition, there is no evidence that Willis disclosed the relationship to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners before contracting Wade as a special prosecutor.

Willis and Wade violated laws regulating the use of public funds, suffered from irreparable conflicts of interest, and violated their oaths of office, according to the filing. A Fulton County District Attorney spokesperson said that the office will respond to the allegations in court.

Trump said in a statement that Willis is in more “legal difficulty” than any of the people she indicted. It appears as though Willis’ prosecution may indeed fall apart before she manages to convict the former president or his remaining co-defendants.

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