Fetterman Challenges Fellow Dems Over Border Policies

Fetterman Challenges Fellow Dems Over Border Policies

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – US Senator John Fetterman is breaking from many of his fellow Democratic lawmakers by calling the increase in migration at the United States’ southern border a “crisis” and urging greater border security. The stance represents part of Fetterman’s recent shift away from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Wanting a secure border should not be a controversial position, Fetterman said, adding that it is possible to support both immigration to the US and border security. However, it is difficult to “provide the American Dream” for every migrant when hundreds of thousands are showing up at the border every month, the senator said.

US authorities documented more than 300,000 attempted migrant crossings at the southern border in December—the highest ever single-month figure—according to Customs and Border Protection data.

Lawmakers must reset their efforts and work together towards a new, comprehensive solution to immigration and border security, Fetterman said. However, the senator is not the only Democrat now admitting the seriousness of the situation at the border.

US President Joe Biden said on January 19 that the border is not secure when asked by reporters about the migration crisis. Biden stated that he is ready to act on policy changes, including asylum reforms. The White House is currently engaged in negotiations with congressional leadership on border security measures, which have been linked to supplemental funding legislation.

Despite admitting that the border is not secure, the Biden administration won temporary authorization to remove barriers placed by Texas on its border with Mexico. The US Supreme Court said in a split ruling on January 22 that federal agents are allowed to remove razor wire fencing placed by the state, pending further litigation.

However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he will continue to defend the state’s right to secure the border and prevent the federal government from destroying its property. Razor wire is an effective deterrent to illegal border crossings, which are encouraged by Biden, Abbott said in a statement.

Although Fetterman and Biden have at least partially recognized the migration crisis, the majority of Democratic lawmakers continue to hinder Republican efforts to secure the border.

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