Former Trump Official Issues Dire Warning: ‘Five-Alarm Fire’

( – Former US President Donald Trump beat former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in her home state’s primary election, although the victory may not be as decisive as it seems. Former Trump White House communications chief Alyssa Farah Griffin said that the Republican Party should be wary of the fact that Haley garnered 40% of the vote, despite Trump having “all the benefits” of an incumbent candidate.

South Carolina held its Republican primary race on February 24, in which Trump received approximately 60% support. Trump has won every major Republican Party nominating contest in the 2024 election as of this writing.

Nevertheless, the Republican Party should view Haley’s ability to garner roughly 40% of the vote as a “five-alarm fire,” Farah Griffin said. The results of the primary race show that Trump lacks a mandate from Republican voters, despite the party apparatus backing him, according to Farah Griffin.

However, Haley’s path to securing the Republican Party nomination remains unclear, Farah Griffin said. Haley has vowed to stay in the race, leaving her as Trump’s only remaining primary challenger.

Haley’s campaign initially received the support of the Charles Koch-backed political group American For Prosperity (AFP) Action. However, her South Carolina loss prompted the organization to cut their aid to Haley. No outside group will be able to make a “material difference” in Haley’s electoral efforts, AFP chief Emily Seidel said in an email to employees.

The group supports Haley’s choice to remain in the race but will focus its own resources on competitive House and Senate elections, Seidel said. AFP Action will work on convincing voters who are unwilling to vote for Trump to still vote for Republican congressional candidates, Seidel said, noting the difficulty of such an endeavor.

Trump’s critics continue to raise concerns about his viability as a candidate, despite his success in early nominating contests. However, Haley also continues to show a lack of viability herself by failing to even win a majority of votes in her own home state.

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