Former US Rep Dies Aged 82

( Former US Congressman William Delahunt died at the age of 82 on March 30, following a long-term illness, the ex-lawmaker’s family said. Delahunt represented Massachusetts’ 10th congressional district in the House of Representatives from 1997 to 2011.

Delahunt’s family said that although they mourn his passing, they also celebrate his life and legacy of dedication, service, and inspiration. Nevertheless, Delahunt’s family said that the former congressman’s death leaves a “gaping hole” in their hearts.

Delahunt was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1941. Delahunt served in the US Coast Guard, in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and as a district attorney before serving in the US Congress.

During his time in the US House of Representatives, Delahunt served on the Foreign Affairs Committee and Judiciary Committee; Delahunt chaired the former panel’s Subcommittee on Europe. Delahunt also co-founded the bipartisan Coast Guard Caucus, which he co-chaired.

Delahunt helped broker an energy deal with Venezuela in 2005 and attended the funeral of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2013. Delahunt also helped free US citizen Tim Tracy from imprisonment in Venezuela in 2013. Current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro issued a statement honoring Delahunt after his death, calling him a “great friend” of Venezuela.

After leaving the US Congress, Delahunt started the Delahunt Group lobbying firm. Delahunt also served as a special counsel for the Eckert Seamans law firm, where he focused on regulatory issues related to healthcare, financial services, energy, and the environment.

Delahunt said that he initially postponed his departure from the US Congress in order to help former US President Barack Obama with his first-term agenda. Delahunt was an early supporter of Obama during his 2008 campaign.

Delahunt also said that he left his House seat in order to spend more time with his family and friends. The decision ultimately gave him more than a decade of time away from congressional politics to dedicate more time to loved ones before his death.

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