GOP Looking to Enforce Legislation Defunding Propaganda Network NPR After Fired Whistleblower Exposes Biases

( US Senator Marsha Blackburn is contemplating legislation to cut federal funding for National Public Radio (NPR), after a senior editor and reporter with the outlet revealed the extent of its political biases. The whistleblower employee, Uri Berliner, resigned from NPR after the outlet suspended him for publicizing its monolithic internal culture.

It is nonsensical for American taxpayers to fund a “propagandist left-wing outlet” that fails to represent the perspective of half the country, Blackburn said. NPR receives federal funding via grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, although it is also funded through corporate sponsors and revenue from member stations.

US Congressman Ronny Jackson is likewise working on legislation to defund NPR, which he has introduced multiple times. Congressman Andy Ogles suggested that lawmakers should provide oversight of NPR in light of Berliner’s accusations.

Berliner exposed NPR’s political biases in an April 9 article for The Free Press. An “open-minded spirit” no longer exists at NPR, Berliner said. NPR’s coverage of Donald Trump served as a means to damage his presidency, according to Berliner.

NPR botched its coverage of the debunked Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy, Berliner said. NPR extensively covered such accusations against Trump, but hardly covered a special counsel report that found no credible evidence for the claims, Berliner said. Moreover, NPR actively declined to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, despite its authenticity, Berliner said.

The absence of viewpoint diversity at NPR is a damaging development for the organization, Berliner said. In a further hit to NPR’s viewpoint diversity, the outlet suspended Berliner without pay for his article.

However, Berliner took things a step further and resigned from NPR after 25 years at the outlet. Berliner said that he cannot work in a newsroom where he is disparaged by leadership. Berliner noted that he nevertheless opposes calls to defund NPR.

Even though Berliner is not in favor of defunding NPR, such a decision is ultimately up to lawmakers, whom his revelations have seemingly influenced.

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