Government Agencies Accused of Illegally Registering Non-Citizens to Vote

( Government agencies across the United States have come under the spotlight for alleged illegal practices: soliciting non-citizens to vote and potentially entrapping them. If proven true, these actions would constitute serious felonies committed by government workers.

These allegations have been brought to light in a recent report by Joe Hoft, which details how illegal immigrants are being registered to vote in Florida. These actions have also sparked concerns about the integrity of the electoral process in many other states.

The process through which non-citizens allegedly end up on voter rolls in Florida involves several loopholes and practices. First, individuals cross the U.S. border illegally and then proceed to obtain asylum applications or immigration court paperwork after being arrested. They then use this paperwork to acquire a Florida driver’s license, state ID, or social security number. Subsequently, they sign up for Florida food or medical assistance, utilizing the same immigration paperwork.

Following these steps, government agencies, such as the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF), reportedly send solicitation letters to non-citizens, urging them to register to vote based on public records searches indicating potential non-citizen status.

Non-citizens are then instructed to fill out and mail in voter registration applications provided with the solicitation letter, with little to no citizenship verification. This process allegedly allows non-citizens to register to vote using their driver’s license or social security number or simply by checking a box for no ID.

The solicitation letter received by potential non-citizen voters in Florida explicitly outlines that the voter registration application is provided based on their response to a question during applications for assistance programs. It further assures recipients that acceptance or rejection of the application will not affect their eligibility for public assistance benefits.

Critics argue that government officials involved in this process knowingly encourage illegal voter registrations and voting, exposing them to potential felony charges. Additionally, there are concerns that the lack of citizenship verification during voter registration could lead to unwitting violations of election laws by non-citizens.

The current situation in Florida raises serious questions about the consistency and legality of voter registration practices nationwide. Under federal and state laws, only U.S. citizens can register and vote in elections.

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