Gunman Arrested After Attempting to Shoot Pastor During Sermon

( A 26-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after attempting to shoot a Christian pastor during a church service on May 5. The pastor survived the ordeal unscathed due to the shooter’s gun jamming, in what could be interpreted as an act of divine intervention.

The incident was caught on camera, leading footage of the attempted shooting to go viral on social media. The video shows the shooter, identified as Bernard Polite, approaching pastor Glenn Germany in the middle of a sermon at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock.

Polite pulled out a handgun, aimed it at Germany, and pulled the trigger. However, the gun failed to fire. Germany said that he heard the gun click, but that “God jammed the gun” and prevented the shooting.

Deacon Clarence McCallister then leapt into action, tackling Polite and wrangling the gun from his hands with the assistance of Germany and others. The churchgoers detained Polite until law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Germany said that Polite ended up apologizing to him for the attempted shooting. Polite revealed that voices in his head instructed him to shoot the pastor. Germany told Polite that he loves and forgives him.

Nevertheless, Polite faces criminal charges including attempted homicide and aggravated assault for the incident. Authorities denied Polite bail ahead of court proceedings on May 13. However, the attempted shooting at the church appears to not be the only crime attributable to Polite.

Investigators also discovered a dead body at Polite’s house. The man, 56-year-old Derek Polite, seems to have been shot and killed. Derek Polite is a relative of Bernard Polite, although the exact nature of their familial relation is unclear. Charges have not yet been filed in connection with the body at Polite’s house as of this writing.

Whether Germany survived the attempted shooting due to a shoddy firearm or an act of God is up for debate, but regardless, the pastor is lucky to be alive.

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