Haley Makes Big Announcement Concerning Future Debates

Haley Makes Big Announcement Concerning Future Debates

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is seeking to advance her 2024 presidential bid by refusing to debate any other candidate than former US President Donald Trump or current officeholder Joe Biden. Following a third-place finish in the Iowa Republican Party caucus, Haley wrote off the idea of a debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who came in second place.

Haley said in a statement on January 16 that the next debate she attends will be against either Trump or Biden. Trump has “ducked” all the Republican Party primary debates so far, Haley said, adding that he has “nowhere left to hide.”

Haley’s statement came one day after the Iowa Republican caucus, which Trump won with slightly more than half of all votes. DeSantis came in second place with approximately 21% of votes, followed by Haley in third place with about 19%. Voter turnout for the caucus was lower than usual due to poor weather conditions.

The caucus results prompted fourth-place finisher Vivek Ramaswamy to suspend his campaign and endorse Trump. However, Haley seems to have narrowed her sights on Trump, looking past DeSantis in the process. Haley is afraid to address “tough questions,” DeSantis said in a statement on the situation.

“There is nobody else I need to debate,” Haley said in an interview when asked about her stance.

Haley’s statement prompted both CNN and ABC News to cancel debates ahead of the New Hampshire Republican primary. CNN said that it will instead hold a town hall event with Haley.

The New Hampshire primary — the second nominating contest of the election cycle — is scheduled for January 23. Haley and DeSantis will seek to upset Trump’s momentum heading into the election from his Iowa caucus victory. Trump has declined to participate in debates alongside his fellow Republican presidential hopefuls and instead appeared in counterprogramming to some of the events.

However, it appears that Haley is attempting to goad Trump into a debate and fast-track her way into a one-on-one race with the former president, and without DeSantis.

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