House Bill Vote Passed 212 to 195 to Keep Biden’s Hands Off Americans’ Home Appliances

( US House lawmakers passed a bill on May 7 to protect Americans from the impact of burdensome federal regulations on home appliances. The legislation, known as the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, passed the House of Representatives in a vote of 212 in favor and 195 opposed.

The bill changes the Energy Department’s process for changing and implementing energy conservation requirements for some consumer products, including household appliances. However, automobile standards are not covered by the legislation.

The legislation allows the Energy Department to revoke or amend energy conservation standards if they result in extra costs to consumers, fail to significantly conserve water or energy, prove technologically infeasible, or restrict a product from being available to all US consumers. Additionally, the bill requires that energy conservation standards are economically justifiable.

Federal government bureaucrats should not be allowed to take away appliances from Americans based on a “radical environmental agenda,” Congresswoman Debbie Lesko said in a statement on the bill. However, that is precisely what the Biden administration appears to be doing, Lesko added.

The legislation is one of several efforts by House Republicans to fight back against Biden administration regulations on home appliances. Even if the bills pass the House of Representatives, they are likely to be blocked in the Democrat-majority Senate.

Although, seven House Democrats who are vying for reelection in competitive districts joined Republicans in backing the legislation. The question then arises whether several Senate Democrats could push such bills through the upper chamber of Congress in an effort to win favor with voters in their districts ahead of Election Day.

Democratic opponents of the bill claimed that the legislation protects polluters and called the effort a waste of time. US Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan said that Republicans are playing “petty political games” while Democrats put people over politics. Energy efficiency regulations are popular and commonsense measures, according to McClellan.

The bills may not be the most exciting or high-profile legislation under consideration by lawmakers, but the issue hits much closer to home for many Americans than other matters.

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