Hundreds of Migrants STORM Border Crossing.

( A large number of migrants breached the Texas National Guard lines in El Paso, Texas, breaking through razor wire barriers as they attempted to get past border guards.

Video footage captured by reporters from the New York Post went viral, depicting the chaotic scene where adult men crowded around a small group of Texas guardsmen attempting to block an opening in the fence created by the migrants. After a brief physical altercation, the migrants surged past the guardsmen, prompting the Post reporter on-site to describe the incident as a “riot.”

This footage underscores the increasing instability at the border, painting a stark picture of what has been evident for some time: a full-scale invasion. What initially started as a crisis stemming from the Biden administration’s lenient border policies has now escalated into an open conflict heading toward catastrophe.

Experts suggest that little can be done in the near term to curb the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants, underlining the urgency of the situation. Despite potential political implications leading up to the November presidential election, the Biden administration appears unlikely to take drastic measures to regain control over the border.

Central to understanding the current border crisis is the role played by Mexican cartels, operating in collaboration with partners within the Mexican government, to exploit illegal immigration for profit. Under the current administration, criminal cartels have transformed unlawful immigration into a profitable enterprise, actively operating markets where migrants are trafficked as commodities for financial gain.

Compounding the issue, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, has failed to address the cartel’s influence, maintaining connections with powerful entities like Sinaloa. AMLO’s stance on immigration has become increasingly aggressive, particularly in response to efforts by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to crack down on illegal immigration.

Despite Mexico’s complicity in the crisis, there remains a misconception among policymakers that carrots, rather than sticks, are sufficient to secure cooperation. However, the reality suggests otherwise. Past administrations have only managed to compel Mexico’s cooperation through threats of economic sanctions, as seen during Trump’s presidency.

Looking ahead, Republican leaders argue that addressing the border crisis will require a significant shift in strategy, including the possibility of mass deportations and compelling Mexico to take concrete actions to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

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