Husbands Horrific Abuse Caught On Surveillance Footage

( Highly disturbing surveillance footage exposed Kazakhstan’s former economy minister, Kuandyk Bishimbayev, beating and torturing his 31-year-old wife, who later died of brain trauma.

Bishimbayev’s trial is the first-ever online streamed murder trial in Kazakhstan and has shaken the world as graphic clips of the former minister torturing his wife were shown in the court.

His wife, Saltanat Nukenova, who was an astrologer by profession, seemed defenseless as she was mercilessly dragged by her hair while being punched and kicked all over her body. He eventually dragged the victim into another room without any camera access.

The incident happened in a restaurant owned by a family member of the minister on November 9, 2023.

The minister had long denied his involvement in the murder and claimed that his wife died of “self-inflicted” injuries. Recently, he admitted that he “unintentionally” killed his wife. If convicted, Bishimbayev can be jailed for 20 years.

The prosecutors stated in the court that Saltanat lost her consciousness after the former politician strangled her. She was found dead the next morning in the same restaurant.

Reportedly, Saltanat was the third wife of the politician and expressed her wish to leave him.

The unprecedented murder trial also increased awareness among citizens, who signed a petition in record numbers to increase the punishment for domestic violence.

Saltanat’s brother, Aitbek Amangeldy, felt somehow relieved knowing that his sister’s murder had helped people realize the severity of domestic abuse. Amangeldy wondered why the defendants’ arguments were even shown on national television, as they only tried to justify the murder.

According to the United Nations, almost 400 women die every year due to domestic violence in Kazakhstan. However, this number can be very much below the actual fatalities, as many cases even go unreported.

There is a common perception among people that Bishimbayev can eventually avoid a full jail term due to his influential family background and the country’s biased judicial system that is famous for favoring political elites.

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