Illegal Migrant Released By Biden DHS Policies Sexually Assaults 11yr Girl

( A 20-year-old illegal immigrant who was released by border officials at the Southern border kidnapped and sexually assaulted a minor girl.

The tragic incident happened in Palm Beach County, Florida, where a Guatemalan national, Marvin Perez Lopez, allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a minor girl in a van.

The police stated that the girl’s mother started worrying when she did not find her daughter in her home. She eventually went outside and discovered her inside a van with Lopez, who is also a resident of the same building.

The mother started banging the windows of the van, prompting Lopez to come out and apologize for his actions. Worried about her own immigration status, the mother did not call law enforcement.

When the police became aware of the incident, they rushed to the scene and interviewed the 11-year-old victim, who revealed that she was forcefully trapped by Lopez in the van. The girl tried to resist Lopez and pushed him, but he continued his advancements.

Law enforcement officers went to Lopez’s residence to question him. Upon their arrival, Lopez was seen escaping through a rear window and fleeing into a nearby alley.

His family was already aware of his crime and revealed that they knew why Lopez ran after seeing the law enforcement. Hermencia Vasquez, a relative of Lopez, stated that the victim’s mother visited their home and told them about the whole episode.

Lopez entered the US illegally in January 2024 and was later released into the country with an immigration court date of 2027.

According to the Palm Beach county sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, Lopez confessed to his crimes and will face all the legal battles before being deported to his home country.

Bradshaw also criticized the Biden administration for letting these illegal immigrants enter the country, who jeopardize the security of locals.

The open border policies of the federal government have allowed many potential criminals to enter the United States.

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